Monday, 29 August 2011

Virtual Environment Protection with Symantec Endpoint Protection 12

Symantec Corporation announced the availability of Symantec Endpoint Protection 12, which gives a good performance in virtual and physical environments. Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 and Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition is now available to counter various attacks in large volumes shown in today's organizations.

Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 uses Insight technology is able to block new and unknown threats. Insight able to reduce scan time by 70% with a virus automatically recognize and insert files with a high reputation and trusted by Symantec in the whitelist.

Symantec_Endpoint_Protection_12_VirtualSymantec Endpoint Protection 12 also use SONAR behavioral reputation which is the first hybrid engine capable of overseeing a variety of applications that are run to detect suspicious behavior and conduct real-time blocking. Technology Symantec intrusion prevention system (IPS) blocking attacks at the network layer, before they damage your computer. Taken together, this technology makes the Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 as the fastest enterprise endpoint security products is most effective.

Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 makes reference to the white list (whitelist) base VM image and send the results of the scan to all virtual machines VMs so that the same files that need to be scanned only once from the existing overall. When combined with the elimination of the scanning of Insight, Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 allows the host system that is faster and more responsive, which in turn supports a virtual instance of density greater, particularly for highly consolidated VDI environment.


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