Friday, 26 August 2011

Fast Five The Movie Official Game

Fast_Five_GameFast & the Furious 5 Movie , which had just attended some time ago, have now been available in the game in iPad and iPad device 2 made by Gameloft. By continuing to bring the theme of racing on the highway, Fast Five The Official Movie Game provides interesting elements in every race locations are divided into 10 chapters.

Overall, Fast Five The Official Movie Game provides an interesting wild racing action to be played. control of the car which contained several options, making car racing action can be customized with your practice in moving towards the left-right, which of course you will no longer be bothered to press the gas which has been running automatically. Handling becomes easier, only requiring mastery of left-right motion and brakes, there is also a turbo button to release the nitro that will provide extra power to your car in an instant.

Stories that present each chapter gives the displacement of your time to release the tension play, support voice and musical accompaniment was very thick to give the feel of the wide screen version. To be sure, the game in the iPad comes to you is certainly very fond of car racing games, especially the Fast & Furious. To you who have been watching a wide screen movie, would certainly provide an interesting experience when playing this game, for you who have not watched, will be given an idea of ​​how the game is similar to some of the big-screen sequel to the film.


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