Monday, 22 August 2011

How Computer Infected by Viruses via the Internet?

viruses-via-internetViruses from internet, sample case , Sam often play Poker on Facebook. In addition, he also sells his own poker chips. The results are fairly profitable. One day, Sam could not get into his Facebook account. Apparently, her account had been hijacked and Poker chips was already stolen.In this case 0f sam is the tip of the iceberg of crime on the Internet that is now increasing.

Developed sophisticated malware to spread on the Internet and computer networks vulnerable to attack. Why did this happen? His primary motivation is money. The money earned from criminal activities, such as getting a lot of information that can then be sold to other parties who seek such information. It is very profitable for cybercriminals, especially with the increasing number of Internet users around the world.

How to strike

In general, attacks via the Internet is done in two stages. First, the lead Internet users to websites that contain malicious programs. The second stage, install execute-able file that's dangerous to the user's computer. Another Media used very much, it can be via e-mail, Instant mesagging, social networking, search engines, advertising, and so on. Its contents can be made more attractive, such as how fast can money, vulgar images, or the topics are a trend and become a hot discussion in the wider community.

Cybercriminals have two ways to install malware on the computer. First, lure people to download and install a program that seems useful, such as antivirus, Flash Player, or games of their own accord. The second way, by doing a drive-by download or automatic download. They could manipulate the legitimate websites that have many visitors.

Various bait

Cybercriminals are also applied techniques Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is a way for malicious websites appear in search engines (Google, Yahoo, or Bing) based on certain keywords. Thus, be careful in choosing a website on search engines. One way not to get into the wrong place of the search engines, use an antivirus application that has a feature to scan the search results.


Lately safe tips to prevent internet viruses, the Internet is a dangerous place. In order not to be a victim, you can prevent it. For that, the update software that is used regularly, especially those such as tandem browser add-on - the operating system and antivirus software of course. Lastly, you must be careful of information that spreads via the Internet. Before clicking the ads on the website, first filter the information that you want to get.


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