Sunday, 28 August 2011

BlackBerry Colt, RIM's New Smartphones in 2012

BlackBerry-Colt-QNXBlackBerry Colt, seems to be a gun battle for RIM smartphones. QNX BlackBerry platform is going to be a premier smartphone devices that use that platform. Tablet PC devices, the BlackBerry Playbook has been launched this year is the first product from RIM which also uses QNX platform. After launching a line of BlackBerry mobile phones with the operating system 7, RIM seems to prepare to fight in the smartphone market.

RIM reported by BGR uses the BlackBerry device Colt to fight against Apple and Google that had already strong in the IOS and the Android platform. As written by BGR, the BlackBerry Colt will use single-core processors, though it is still an open possibility, the product will be launched early in 2012 is supported with dual-core processor such as a few competitors in the Android platform which had been first to use dual-core processor.

BGR says the source is quoted, such as Playbook, Colt also not equipped BlackBerry BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) at launch. BES enables the user device has a feature email, contacts and calendar synchronization. If it does not have a BES, then the email features are precisely the strength of the BlackBerry in its product will be lost and so weakness and reduce the competitiveness of these Colt's BlackBerry product.


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