Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Creating PC games without Coding

gameMakerDo you want to make your own game?, A lot of imagination you could be a game, but the problem is, to make the game you should be able to write program code.

there is a solution for you who can not write a programming language but want to make your own games. Game Maker is a software that can help you become a developer of computer games without the use of coding at all. Even you can make 3-D games and multiplayer if you want.

You have full rights of the software (games) that you created, including selling the game!. If you are still not even able to download music, sound effects, graphics, scripts, background, etc. here.

Download Game Maker version 8 Lite Edition (Free)

On the site also provided a tutorial to make the game and also various ideas about the game, please try to make your own games.


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