Monday, 29 August 2011

Symantec Discover Android Trojan .Dogowar on Android Device

Trojan code named Android.Dogowar threatening Android mobile device that will send messages via SMS to all contacts users. This Trojan is a package that resembles rewritten with an application called Dog Wars games that are downloaded via a third-party market (not in the Market) and performed the installation manually. Symantec to inform users of Android for more wary of this trojan because its shape resembles a gaming application.

Trojan Android.Dogowar will request access to the user when done the installation and automatically takes over the user's device. The icons that appear very much like gaming applications, but the trojan is detected by Symantec.

Trojan_Android.DogowarCode named Dogbite Trojans with packet will be executed after the installation process is completed. Rabies is a service named service will run in the background device and execute the action. This Trojan will send a short message to all contacts owned by the user.

Symantec made several observations in concluding that ultimately decided the application by the name Android.Dogowar. Symantec reminds users of mobile devices to be more careful in making application installation format. Apk, especially to users who have root on Android device.


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