Tuesday, 9 August 2011

How to make portable software

It seems the current software is portable well-liked by most people, apart from being practical (no need install) portable software also not interfere with the Windows Registry, and for this reason you can install a similar program with different versions and more importantly, almost all portable applications or software could be used directly without admin rights (administrator privileges).

Now we learn to make your own portable software. For this tutorial I'm using VMware ThinApp ( VMWare appropriate slogan on his website "Package Once, Deploy Everywhere", this software is able to create portable software quickly.

Download VMware ThinApp, then install.

Sign Startmenu -> Programs -> VMware -> ThinApp Setup Capture.
Previously turn off any applications or other software, then provide the installer software that will be made to be portable (in this example I use WinAmp installer 5:56).

Step 1:

At the beginning of the program, you are in the Setup Capture - Prescan System, press Scan. If you want to select the drive you want to scan select Advanced Scan Locations. Then click Scan. This software will "remember" all the files on the drive that you select and key in regedit (if the message "Warnings", ignore it).

protable software maker

Step 2:

Once inside the Setup Capture - Install Application, do not use applications or doing other things (such as playing mp3, movies, etc.). What you should do now is to execute the installer software that will be made portable. Run-uninstall lawyer until completely finished. Click Postscan, confirmation will appear if the installation process is completely finished?, Click ok.

Step 3:

At this moment you are in the Setup Capture - Postscan In Progress (If a message appears "Warnings", ignore it), the software will automatically look for key differences and file of the results in step 1 to be collected into a "package". (That's the reason why you should not do anything in step 2)

Step 4:

In the Setup Capture - Select Access Application Shortcuts, find the exe file which will be used as portable. If you tick the 3 exe files, it will generate 3 portable software for each of its exe.
In the inventory name, use the common name (default: the name of the software). Click Next, Next again (user profile), Next again (full write)

protable software maker2

Step 5:

In the Setup Capture - Specify Application Delivery Settings, check the Build MSI package if you want a portable file into. Msi and do not forget to download the package in order to check the virtual Compress the file size we are not too large. Uncheck Skip the Build Process.
Press Save, Next and Finish last.

protable software maker3

Once you press Finish, you are automatically entered in a folder, locate the file named build.bat then executed to create a "package" of the earlier application. Once finished, a folder named bin.
portable winamp
Inside the bin folder, there is a portable file that is ready to use.


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