Monday, 7 November 2011

iOS 5 release date

iOS 5 release date has been eagerly awaited by fans of gadgets made by Apple, some time ago iOS 5 is released a beta version of iOS 5 for it developers. On this iOS 5 beta version have developed many new features, here are some of them :

1. Notification Center

A new notification to iOS 5, if you ever use lockInfo applications from cydia, perhaps like that, but that is original from iOS.

2. Newsstand

Application to get new news from the internet!
3. Twitter

Direct integration of IOS to twitter, including cameras, photo, safari, maps, contacts, and others.

4. Mobile Safari

Additional features for the Safari browser is a browser such as tab-shaped, multi-page stories that are generated from the RSS, and others.

5. Reminders

Application to store reminders such as ToDo, and can be integrated with GPS.

6. Camera

Additional features for the camera is the grid lines, on-device editing such as cropping and rotating, and red-eye reduction. Volume up key can also be used as a shutter. And the camera icon will be shown at page lock screen, so that we can access it quickly.

7. Mail

Additional features for applications such as Mail addresses are draggable, indentation control, message flagging, full-message search.

8. "PC Free" We can perform the update directly from our iDevice without having to connect to a computer.

9. Game Center

Additional features in the game center is a photo, and other social features. 10. iMessage Features push-message each other iDevice, may be called a fuel for iDevice? The fans of Apple products has been patiently waiting tidan iOS 5 release date, if you are one of them then wait for the official release date ios 5
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