Saturday, 3 September 2011

IPad Wall shelf with Freedom

Innovative products from MountMe enrich mounting options and accessories for iPad and iPad 2 that has been circulating on the market. With this device, you can display your iPad on the wall  homes, the refrigerator door, or rear seat.

MountMe made this product named Freedom and Freedom II. Both have a similar function, namely as a "frame"  for iPad comes bracket to allow it to be paired in different places and surfaces.

mountme-freedom-ipadHow does Freedom / Freedom II ? It seems very simple. You just attach the bracket on the wall using the screws included in the package. If it is solid, then attach a frame containing the iPad / iPad 2. You can be free to vary its position with 360 degree rotation and tilt to 90 degrees.

In addition to the wall, Freedom / Freedom II was ready to be displayed on the refrigerator door. Simply replace the screw with four suction cups made of rubber so easily removed-pairs. Unlike the case when placed in the back seat. To install, use a harness which is also available in the package.

"Although more accessories on the market, Freedom has its own uniqueness. Design of all-in-one was allowed iPad iPad 2 and used anywhere, turning like a clock, in car entertainment equipment, a friend in the kitchen, and much more, "said Brien Spina (founder MountMe).

Especially for customers in the business sector, such as restaurants, hotels, and shops, Freedom / Freedom II can be equipped with special safety and to lock iPad iPad 2 and prevent it released by irresponsible parties.

Currently, Freedom and Freedom II can only be purchased online at sites MountMe priced these two products start at U.S. $ 49.99.

If you want to see more clearly the use of the Freedom / Freedom II, a video tutorial may help:


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